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Respawn address frustrating Apex Legends “oversight” with Big Maude shop

Published: 15/Oct/2021 7:07 Updated: 15/Oct/2021 7:17

by Alan Bernal


Respawn have confirmed they’re looking into Big Maude’s Vend-it Machines after Apex Legends players uncovered a frustrating omission from the World’s Edge shop that can sometimes leave them empty-handed.

Big Maude is the latest point of interest (POI) to enter the game thanks to Rampart’s Town Takeover, added early in Season 10.

Players can use the ‘Vend-it Machines’ located inside of it to exchange Crafting Materials for fully-kitted weapons, similar to normal Replicators. Unlike the Replicators, however, weapons from Vend-it Machines can be susceptible to getting stolen by a nearby teammate. If that were to happen, then it would leave the player who spent 100 Crafted Materials with nothing but a troll as a teammate.


Respawn’s Live Technical Designer, who goes by ‘exgeniar,’ said this might’ve been an “oversight” and is working to patch out the problem.

The replicator delay should work at Big Maude too from apexlegends

Apex Legends Big Maude fix

A video from user ‘dstay10’ showed the problem with Big Maude’s shop after they pumped their Crafting Materials to get the fully-modded R-99. As soon as it appeared, their teammate was snooping behind them and managed to claim the prized loot before they could.

“The replicator delay should work at Big Maude too,” they said. This invited a ton of responses from people who experienced the same problem.

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Respawn Entertainment
Respawn could implement a fix to Big Maude’s shop that Replicators already enjoy.

Shortly after, exgeniar chimed in to reassure the Apex community that the clip shouldn’t be an intended interaction and should be looked into soon.


“This feels like an oversight, I’ll bring it up to the design team,” exgeniar said. If Respawn applies the same protections that the Replicators have to Big Maude, then it should give players some ease of mind to investing in its wares.

A quick fix would be a welcomed sight for Apex Legends players who have been contending with larger issues in the battle royale.