“Pay to win” Apex Legends emotes make you impossible to hit

Connor Bennett
Crypto in royal skin flying in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players have raised concerns with a handful of emotes that appear to be “pay to win” as they make you pretty difficult to hit while gliding.

As Apex Legends has gotten bigger and bigger over the last few years, Respawn Entertainment have gone heavy on the cosmetics side of things.

They’ve added everything from character skins to weapon charms and even glide emotes over the last few years. Naturally, some of these cosmetics have come under fire with a complaint that they might hand players an advantage and be a little “pay to win” at times.

While Respawn says that these cosmetics offer no competitive advantage, there are a handful of glide emotes that players have pointed at that make you pretty difficult to pick out of the sky – with one making you invisible for a few moments.

Apex Legends skydive emotes prompt “pay to win” concerns

These “pay to win” emotes were highlighted by Apex Legends YouTuber Skeptation, who noted that the biggest offenders are Wraith, Valkyrie, and Loba.

“There are quite a few emotes that have been around for a while that you could call pay to win. The ‘Think Fast’ Wraith one jumps around even more than the Loba one (Flaunt It) and the Perpetual Motion even has times where you’re unhittable while you’re going through the portals,” the YouTuber said.

“This gives a definite advantage if you’re flying down on top of enemies and it’s worth keeping in mind.”

A handful of players backed up the claims that you’re tough to hit thanks to the emotes, noting they use them as a result. “I swear if they nerf the god damn SKY DIVE EMOTE I’m going to die of laughter,” said one. “It was obvious as soon as the animations were introduced, no?” added another.

Others suggested that Respawn just needs to make it so a character’s hitbox remains in the middle of the emote, as if they’re not bouncing around. Though, it remains to be seen if the devs will make sweeping changes.