ImperialHal defends Apex Legends’ controversial battle pass overhaul

Connor Bennett

Apex Legends star Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has defended Respawn’s decision to change the battle pass, claiming it was “stupid” to let players get it for free at times. 

While Apex Legends has remained pretty much the same for the last few years, Respawn Entertainment has made a few sweeping changes at times. 

Their newest has, however, been pretty controversial. The battle pass, which players were able to buy with Apex Coins, is now being switched up to include the addition of Premium+. Instead of using coins – which can be purchased with real money or earned in-game – players will only have the option to use their wallets for Premium+.

While the community has been furious about the change, questioning if the battle royale is dying, Falcons Esports’ ImperialHal has defended the change. 

“The last thing I give a s*it about is how they make money. I care about what they do with the game. They can do whatever they want with the money, how they make money, whatever,” he said during his July 8 stream. 

“One thing I will say about this new Battle Pass thing is that people are complaining that you can’t use coins, you have to pay for it now. What is the difference? There’s literally no difference. You pay for f*cking coins, you pay for the battle pass.

“To be honest, that was just f*cking stupid on their end (letting coins roll over to buy new battle passes). To be fair, that should not have been a thing in the first place, let’s be real here. Like EA, they’re greedy as f*ck or whatever, but for them to create an avenue to get something for free that has a price on it, should never have been a thing in the first place.”

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The Falcons Esports star compared it to getting free beers if you just purchase one at a bar, which, of course, his viewers didn’t agree with whatsoever. 

Despite all the backlash, Respawn isn’t going to revert the battle pass changes anytime soon. So, players will have to vote with their wallets.

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