Aceu baffled after “pay to win” iron sight randomly appears in Apex Legends

Aceu next to R99 in Apex Legends skin training groundNRG/Respawn

Twitch star Brandon ‘Aceu’ Winn was left quite disappointed after an Apex Legends bug gave him a “pay to win” iron sight, only for it to disappear moments later.

Like all of its battle royale rivals, Apex Legends has dived head first into the cosmetics market – adding everything from new character skins, weapon wraps, gun charms, and beyond.

Over time, there have been a handful of problematic skins – some unintentionally giving players an advantage as they’ve become difficult to see in cover – that have been labeled as “pay to win” by the game’s community.

Respawn has tidied most of these cosmetics up, but there’s a bug that is unintentionally giving players better iron sights. Though, in Aceu’s case, it didn’t last all that long.

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Apex Legends bug gives “pay to win” iron sights

The NRG streamer was dominating in the Apex Games during his August 30 stream when he came across a fully-kitted out R99 that was decked out in the Cutting Edge skin from Season 7.

Aceu quickly checked out the SMG’s iron sights, and was surprised to see how clean it was with just the dot in the middle of the screen and with very little clutter impacting his vision. “What the f**k?! Wait, the R99, they changed the iron sight. It’s more pay to win,” he called out.

However, after switching weapons and searching another death box, the iron sights quickly reverted to their usual state, leaving him a little gutted. “Nooooooo! I had the best bug in the world and now it’s unbugged,” Aceu bemoaned.

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Why the bug occurs and gives players a better iron sight is anyone’s guess, really, but it’s not the only example of cosmetics looking better as a result of a mistake. Players have seen ‘silencers’ put on Wingman skins, and they look pretty nifty.

It might be something that Respawn has to iron out to prevent worries about these bugs actually impacting gun fights, but they’re still cool to see too.