NICKMERCS slams “horrendous” Halo dev team as players anticipate Halo BR release

James Busby
NICKMERCS with Halo Infinite Spartan

Popular streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has explained why Halo Infinite players shouldn’t be excited for the Halo BR, giving his honest thoughts on the upcoming mode. 

While a Halo Infinite Battle Royale has yet to be made official, there have already been a number of leaks and insider reports that point towards an eventual reveal. So far, many Halo fans have voiced their concerns over the game’s core multiplayer experience. 

In fact, the combination of infrequent updates and lack of content has led to a mass exodus of players. While Halo Infinite’s playerbase continues to decline, there is still hope that the rumored BR mode will save the title from oblivion. 

However, NICKMERCS believes that the Halo Infinite community should temper their expectations and not get too excited when it comes to the eagerly-anticipated BR mode. 

NICKMERCS thoughts on Halo BR

Halo Infinite Spartans
Nick remains skeptical over the Halo BR mode.

“We can not get excited for the Halo BR,” said Nick. “If we get excited for the Halo BR, shame on us. [343] are so bad. That dev team is horrendous. Don’t get excited and expect the worst.” 

Nick’s words may come across as harsh, but with the recent handling of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, he believes players have every right to be skeptical. Despite this view, the popular content creator did note that the Halo BR could have huge potential, especially if 343 gets it right.

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“Expect to be disappointed but hope that they get it done…A good Halo BR would take over everything,” explained the streamer. “It’s the middle ground, man. It’s like nostalgia and old-fashioned meets new and innovative. There’s space bullsh*t and vehicles [combined] with BR, it’s f*cking beautiful.” 

While there is still hope the long-rumored Halo BR could save Halo Infinite, the developers have yet to officially reveal anything. Quite when this mode will arrive remains to be seen, but for now, Nick and many other fans are tempering their expectations.

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