NiceWigg urges Apex Legends to refund players over “pay to win” Flatline skin

Connor Bennett
NiceWigg in red hoodie alongside green and orange flatline in apex legends

100 Thieves’ Jack ‘NiceWigg’ Martin has urged Respawn to dish out refunds to players who bought the “pay to win” Flatline skin since it is getting changed already. 

Just like many of its battle royale rivals, Apex Legends has jumped right into the cosmetics side of things, releasing new skins for characters, weapons, and others all the time. 

The skins and cosmetics don’t, usually, often have a competitive advantage during games and should just be used to stand out from the crowd. However, as we’ve seen at times, a few issues slip through and restart the “pay to win” argument. 

It happened again in the Sun Squad Collection Event after the new Splash Zone skin for the Flatline was branded “pay to win” due to its iron sights. Respawn have already stated that it’s going to change, but NiceWigg wants players to be reimbursed. 

NiceWigg wants Apex Legends devs to refund players over Splash Zone Flatline skin

The popular Apex Legends personality brought it up on stream shortly after Respawn noted they’d be altering the skin, as he couldn’t believe that it had been released in the first place. 

“I just don’t know how this happens, if I’m being honest,” he started. “That iron sight is a pay-to-win iron sight. That is a beautiful sight, it is super easy to see, by far one of the best Flatline sights I’ve seen in my life and they said it’s actually supposed to look like the right one.

“Personally, if I’m being honest, they’ve got to give a refund. That is not the same skin! That is two completely different skins,” NiceWigg added. “I think they should refund people and see who wants to buy it again. The skin does look really good outside of the iron sights.”

As noted, the devs will be changing the skin, but a refund would certainly be a new step that we haven’t seen before. 

He’s not alone in believing that there should be compensation, with a number of Apex pros responding to Respawn’s announcement asking for refunds. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.