NiceWigg reveals custom Apex Legends heirloom from 100 Thieves

Alan Bernal
nicewigg 100 thieves apex legends Gibraltar heirloom
100 Thieves / Respawn Entertainment

Popular Apex Legends streamer Jack ‘NiceWigg’ Martin revealed a custom Gibraltar heirloom from 100 Thieves ahead of a $100k event.

The 100T content creator was thrilled to unbox his very own War Club and celebrated the surprise by recreating poses that the Shielded Fortress does in-game. As one of Apex’s biggest streamers, NiceWigg’s org pulled out all the stops to hook him up with a unique replica to display.

Before diving into the $100,000 Samsung Odyssey Invitational, NiceWigg brandished the heirloom made by popular prop makers, HokuProps. The org said it was made special as a housewarming gift to the new Los Angeles resident.

“We got our boy a custom Gibraltar heirloom as a housewarming gift,” 100T said in an Instagram post. “Welcome to LA, NiceWigg.”

NiceWigg Gibraltar heirloom

While the War Club in Apex Legends celebrates Gibraltar’s heritage, NiceWigg’s version was decked out with red-and-black highlights to match 100 Thieves’ aesthetic.

The model comes fitted with LEDs that make the entire thing glow and a 100T logo that can be seen just above the handle.

But to make it truly custom to the Apex pro, the present also came with both a hangar and heirloom charm repping NiceWigg’s personal logo.

The gift was meant to celebrate the streamer who’s been getting more traction on Twitch as he approaches 500k followers and has linked up with the rest his team in LA.


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As far as housewarming gifts go, this is par for the course of what 100T likes to do for its creators. Members are used to seeing the brand go all-out, like the time the company completely repainted its Cash App compound to welcome TinaKitten to the org.

100T’s latest gift for NiceWigg had both the streamer and his Apex Legends fans appreciating the nod to Gibraltar’s heirloom.