NiceWigg blasts “horrible” Lifeline buff in Apex Legends Awakening event

. 17 days ago
NiceWigg alongside Lifeline in Apex Legends
100 Thieves/Respawn

100 Thieves’ Jack ‘NiceWigg’ Martin has been left less than impressed by Lifeline’s upcoming buff in Apex Legends, calling her Ultimate changes “horrible.” 

Over the last few months, Apex Legends fans have been desperate to see Lifeline – one of the battle royale’s original legends – get some love through buffs, and maybe even another rework to her abilities.

Those calls intensified with the arrival of Newcastle, with the hero of Harris Valley having some pretty similar abilities to the game’s much-loved medic. 100 Thieves’ NiceWigg was one of those fans who called on Respawn to go above and beyond with a Lifeline buff, suggesting that her healing should have an AOE. 

His ideas, like many others, haven’t been used by Respawn for Lifeline’s upcoming buff, and while he’s not knocking the devs for not using his idea, he isn’t sure their plan is the way to go.

Lifeline standing on DOC Drone in Apex Legends
Lifeline will, finally, get a buff in Apex Legends’ Awakening event.

After the Apex Legends devs revealed their Lifeline buff on June 16, the 100 Thieves streamer highlighted them on his stream, and gave his initial thoughts on how it might play out.

NiceWigg noted he was a fan of the changes to Lifeline’s Combat Revive and D.O.C Drone, but added that it wasn’t exactly a “big buff” for the medic. The changes to her Ultimate, however, didn’t impress him at all.

“That does nothing for her. That is literally horrible,” he said about the cooldown time on Lifeline’s ultimate being changed. “Loba gets her ultimate way faster than that, that is a horrible f**king buff.”

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The former Apex pro also labeled the other tweaks to Lifeline’s ultimate as “horrible” and suggested that it was the “biggest L of all time” for the combat medic.

Seeing as these changes are locked in, it’s hardly like Respawn are going to change them now, but we’ll just have to wait and see how the community responds by seeing how her pick rate is impacted.

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