NiceWigg unveils crazy buff idea for Lifeline as Apex Legends pick rate drops

Connor Bennett
NiceWigg next to Lifeline in Apex Legends100 Thieves/Respawn

100 Thieves’ Jack ‘NiceWigg’ Martin has got a pretty crazy idea to rework Lifeline as the pick rate of the once-popular Apex Legends heroine has dropped off significantly.

With Respawn Entertainment finally dropping the Season 13 update for Apex Legends, the meta in the battle royale has undergone some pretty notable changes.

The likes of Wraith, Octane, Bloodhound, and Valkyrie all remain key parts of any winning trio, but the arrival of Newcastle has had a pretty big knock-on effect on Lifeline – seeing as the pair’s abilities do have some similarities while also remaining different.

Lifeline has, for a few seasons now, been a legend that fans would like to see reworked in some form, and with her pick rate dropping to its lowest point yet, NiceWigg has got a crazy idea that could actually be pretty genius.

Lifeline holding Alternator in Apex Legends on World's EdgeRespawn/EA
Lifeline’s pick rate has been impacted by the introduction of Newcastle.

The 100 Thieves content creator revealed his idea during a recent stream, as he claimed that the Combat Medic needs a “complete character rework” to separate her abilities from the likes of Loba, Newcastle, and Gibraltar.

“The only way that they could actually do anything is a complete AOE healing, where her ultimate is like a Wattson gen,” NiceWigg started, with his suggestion getting increasingly wacky, yet, feasible. “Or, her teammates get to choose when they want heals.

“She could have like a little patch on each one of her teammate’s arms, and her teammates could choose when to pop health into themselves. Cool way to buff her.”

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The streamer believes that Lifeline is one of the “worst” characters in the battle royale as it stands, and some work needs to be done to turn her fortunes around.

As we’ve seen previously, Respawn have taken feedback and fan ideas on board when it comes to tweaking legends, but they’ve stated that they can’t outright copy suggestions. Though, they may have to shed that rule for this one. It is pretty awesome after all.