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New leaked ‘Hoverbike’ vehicle could be coming to Apex Legends

Published: 13/Feb/2019 17:22 Updated: 19/Feb/2019 13:36

by Matt Porter


Data miners sifting through the Apex Legends files have caught a glimpse of a new vehicle that will be making its way to the game in the near future.

Respawn Entertainment’s first entry into the battle royale genre officially released on Monday, February 4, and has been an instant hit with fans, with the game hitting 25 million total players after its first week available.

While fans have raved about the game since launch, it seems that Respawn aren’t entirely content with the current state of the game, and will be introducing a new vehicle into the mix.

Apex Legends may have a new vehicle to use in the near future.

Currently, the only vehicle that players can gain access to in the game is the Supply Ship that hovers above the map, but can only obtain loot from it and cannot actually use it to travel around King’s Canyon.


Now, a data miner, known as ApexGameInfo, has found evidence of a ‘Hoverbike’ that has been introduced to the game for developers, but not yet made available to the general player base.

Very little is known about the upcoming vehicle, the file does mention their spawn and the physics to go along with them, so it’s likely that the items aren’t far away from being ready to release.

Update: New leaks have surfaced following the latest update on February 19, which give new details about the hoverbike.

Leaker @RealApexLeaks found code which suggests the Hoverbike will be a three-person vehicle (suitable given three-man squads), with a driver and two passengers.


However, more files pertaining to the Hoverbike also suggest that it is still in the development stage, with a number of ‘to do’s’ still outstanding.

The Hoverbike would be the first vehicle of its kind in Apex Legends, with the Launch Balloons that allow players to redeploy their jetpacks and fly to a new location being the closest thing to a vehicle in the game at the moment.

There is currently no expected release date for the Hoverbike, and as with any leaks, there is no guarantee that the item will ever be made available to the public.