Apex Legends dev responds to complaints about lack of updates, teases upcoming content

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have been starved for updates to the popular battle royale, and a Respawn dev has responded to critiques for the immense lack of fixes and content.

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While millions of players quickly flocked to the battle royale soon after its February 4 release, many in the growing community have since felt that the developers were being a bit lackadaisical with patching their game or adding worthwhile content.

After emerging meme account ‘KFC Gaming’ fried Apex Legends for its apparent inactivity, a Respawn Entertainment developer responded in kind with some insight as to why players haven’t seen any changes.

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Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment have been bombarded with requests for the devs to update their game, but it sounds like players’ patience could be rewarded in kind.

Apex developer Rayme Vinson said that the company actually has “tons” of additions to the game coming in due time, but that Respawn can’t churn out the updates as fast as the Colonel does with his chicken.

“Dearest brand,” Vinson said. “We’ve got tons of stuff coming, but it takes a little time. We can’t hyper-fry or flash-flambe or crunch-inject or whatever it is you do to your tasty fried birdflesh. This gameplay is hand-crafted using old-world techniques. Eat some chicken, we’ll see you soon.”

Twitter audiences were loving the developer’s classy retort to the meme, and were similarly comforted that a member of Respawn was willing to speak on the delays to bug patches and content issues.

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Why isn’t Apex Legends getting updated?

Vinson recognized why players might think Respawn hadn’t update their game, as one fan hinted it’s because of the upcoming Star Wars title the company is also working on.

But the developer was quick to reassure Apex players that this wasn’t the case, instead saying the “same team that built Apex is still building it [now] – we’ve been *growing* since launch. But I get that people will be giving us side-eye until they see some of the stuff we’re doing”

He later added that it’ll be “easier” to see why the updates have been taking so long once “more of [their] output is out the door.

By the sound of it Respawn Entertainment have been hard at work cooking up something massive for the eventual updates coming to Apex Legends. Fans will just have to be patient for a while longer but it looks like the wait will be well worth it.