New Apex Legends hack makes grenades extremely overpowered

Apex Legends grenade hacksRespawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends hack makes grenades unbelievably overpowered, giving cheaters the ability to instantly detonate the throwables.

Cheating has been a huge problem in Apex Legends for a long time, especially in the upper echelons of Ranked where players are desperate to gain RP and climb up the tiers.

While Respawn has taken steps to combat DDoS attacks in recent patches, the community is still waiting for an upgrade to the anti-cheat.

The majority of third-party software gives hackers access to an aimbot, which makes their bullets lock onto targets from any range.

However, there are other hacks available that affect the game in other ways, including a new one that makes grenades significantly more powerful.

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Octane grenade Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Hacks have been a huge problem in Apex Legends in recent seasons.

OP Apex Legends hack instantly detonates grenades

Posting a thread to the Apex Legends subreddit on February 12, user GP2_engine_GP2 asked the community how they could throw grenades like the enemy in the clip they’d included.

However, after seeing the footage, players quickly realized that the player from the spectate screen was cheating and using third-party software to enhance their grenades.

Instead of having to wait a set amount of time for the throwables to detonate, the third-party software allows the hacker to instantly make their grenade explode.

This makes it extremely easy to land damage on opponents and wipe out entire teams who are grouped together.

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While this isn’t the typical aimbot-style hack that is used frequently by cheaters, it’s still incredibly strong. The player has likely chosen this feature in the hopes of going under the radar, as it’s a lot less obvious than bullets that auto-lock onto enemies.

Either way, this just shows that new cheats are being developed all the time and Respawn has its work cut out creating a system that can detect all these different hacks.