Apex Legends finally adds DDOS protection in Ranked to save high-rank players

Wraith Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Respawn has announced that Apex Legends players in Diamond, Master, and Predator will receive DDOS protection in Ranked.

Although a lot of Apex Legends players are satisfied taking on opponents in pubs, others want an extra level of competitiveness, and that’s where Ranked comes into play.

In this mode, players of a similar skill level are pitted against each other and rewarded points based on their performance.

Climbing up the tiers to Diamond, Master, and Predator is the ultimate goal for the Ranked community, but unfortunately, not everyone is willing to earn RP fairly. While aimbots and third-party software are a serious problem, so is the use of server attacks to shut down lobbies.

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Well, Respawn has finally announced a prevention system for DDOS attacks and it’s sparked a huge amount of praise from praise and players alike.

Wraith Apex Legends DDOS protectionRespawn Entertainment
Respawn has finally introduced DDOS protection for high-ranked players.

DDOS protection added to Apex Legends Ranked

On January 25, Respawn took to Twitter to announce that Predator, Master, and Diamond players will receive DDOS protection in their Ranked lobbies.

You’ll know your match is protected as they’ll be a “small shield icon symbol” next to your server.

While Respawn hasn’t shared any details on the added security system, it’s great news for high-ranked players who don’t have to worry about unfairly losing RP to server attacks.

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It’s worth noting that Respawn has said this system is “ever-evolving”, so it’s likely more improvements will be rolled out in the future to make it more secure.

As expected, this news sparked a massive amount of positive feedback from players and pros, with ImperialHal, Nicewigg, Apryze, and sweet all calling the update a “huge W”.

Security Analyst at Respawn Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford even took to Twitter to reveal how “excited” he is about the DDOS protection and vowed “this is the first” of many significant improvements.

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This is a feature high-ranked players have been requesting for a long time, so seeing it finally implemented will be great news for those wanting to make the climb to Diamond, Master, and Predator.

Now, it’s just a case of waiting for Season 16 and seeing what other exciting changes Respawn has in store.

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