Major Apex Legends bug makes Shadowfall LTM unwinnable

A bizarre new glitch in Apex Legends is denying players victories in Shadowfall, even if they manage to reach the evac ship.

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Season 3 of Apex Legends launched on October 1, changing the game’s map from Kings Canyon to World’s Edge. While some didn’t take to the new setting all that quickly, they were handed the step back into the old map but under a nighttime setting thanks to the Fight or Fright event.

The Halloween-themed event added the Shadowfall limited-time mode, which tasks players with avoiding ‘shadow’ versions of legends in the new map, before having to reach an evac ship in order to win. That’s proven pretty difficult already, but a new bug is denying players the opportunity at winning altogether.

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Respawn EntertainmentShadowfall is a different LTM to what Apex Legends has had previously.

In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user Mirage_Main showcased a video of what would have been a stunning way to win – using Pathfinder’s zipline and grappling hook to reach the ship in spectacular fashion.

As Mirage_Main got there, though, the countdown to the evacuation was still on, so they tossed a thermite grenade outside of the ship, dealing further damage to the shadow legends. Yet, as they inspected their inventory menu just moments later, the game froze and sent the Redditor to the game’s start screen with an error message in-tow.

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Some fans immediately pointed out that this problem can stem from trying to drop items while in the evac ship. ”Apparently this happens when you drop an ultimate accelerant while inside the ship,” noted user le_saint, even though Mirage_Main hadn’t done so.

Another, RandomFactor_, added: “I had this happen to me too on an evac,” explaining that they dropped multiple items from their inventory – not just the ultimate accelerant like other examples.

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Members of the Respawn developer team do frequent the subreddit, responding to problems, and issuing updates on them, but as of writing, they haven’t done so for this particular bug.

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It remains to be seen if they are aware of the problem and if a fix is incoming. They would have to act fast though as the Shadowfall LTM leaves the game’s servers on November 5.