Loba’s kit and abilities in Apex Legends revealed

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has revealed the abilities and kit that Loba will be working with as she charges her way into Season 5 and everything that comes with it.

Season 5 of Apex is set to begin on May 12, and as players gear up to hop in and enjoy all of the new content, Respawn has given us the lowdown on the newest legend Loba and all of her abilities.

Up until this latest info, we didn’t really have a solid idea of what her unique abilities would be, outside of what we saw in the Season 5 Gameplay Trailer.

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Respawn Entertainment
We can’t wait to jump into Season 5 and try Loba out.

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Loba’s Tactical and Passive abilities

“Burglar’s Best Friend” is the name of Loba’s Tactical ability and it allows her to teleport to tricky places or escape a fight quickly using her bracelet.

This ability seems to work very similarly to Sombra’s Translocator in Overwatch – you throw the bracelet out, and you can teleport with Loba to wherever it lands.

Her passive is called “Eye for Quality,” which reveals epic and legendary loot through walls, within a certain distance. Allowing you to only pick up the finest in weapons and gear.

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Respawn Entertainment
Loba’s Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate abilities.

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Loba’s Ultimate Ability

Eye for Quality works basically in tandem with her “Black Market Boutique” ultimate, which turns her staff into a device that teleports nearby loot into your inventory.

Each friendly (or enemy) legend can take up to two items from the ability, which makes it a good way to kit out your squad if you’re the first in an unlooted area.

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It will be interesting to see how players use Loba’s abilities to outmaneuver each other, and maybe even steal items out from under their enemies noses.

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However Loba’s kit ends up fitting into the Apex Legends meta, that doesn’t change the fact we can’t wait to try her and her abilities out when Season 5 starts on May 12.

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