ImperialHal reveals a “busted” Legend that is being ignored by Apex Legends players

Apex Legends SeerRespawn Entertainment

TSM Apex Legends pro, Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen, has revealed a “busted” Legend that he thinks the player base is ignoring after the Season 16 update.

Season 16 of Apex Legends brought a variety of new content and major updates to the game. One of these changes was a variety of nerfs to Seer.

According to ApexLegendsStatus, Seer enjoyed a relatively good pick rate of between 4 and 5% just before the update, which quickly plummeted down to 2.4% following the nerfs.

Despite the fact that Seer is now objectively weaker than he was pre-Season 16 patches, ImperialHal has revealed in his latest Tweet that he is indeed still “busted” despite slowly but surely slipping into the ‘niche pick’ category.

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ImperialHal says Seer is “still busted” despite the drop in pick rate

ImperialHal’s tweet has been immediately hit with a huge wave of replies, mostly jokingly, requesting that he deletes the tweet by Seer players and haters alike.

“Cause we’re all sick of it man please delete,” replied one concerned player. While another added: “welp, ranked was fun for the few days it lasted.”

Similarly, players who already knew that Seer is still viable are politely asking that ImperialHal keeps this knowledge to himself, presumably to avoid competition or further nerfs.

“Bro pls stop cmon I didn’t tweet out the broken stuff I found,” reads one of such replies.

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It’s clear that Hal and members of the community think Seer is still a strong pick for your ranked matches and the idea that he was nerfed just scared off some players who stuck with him.

Whether this is just temporary and Seer comes back to the popularity he enjoyed pre-patch remains to be seen.