ImperialHal explains why Seer is “broken” and makes Apex Legends “easy mode”

ImperialHal Seer Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment/TSM

Apex Legends pro player Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen thinks Seer is “broken” in Season 13 and that having an Ambush Master on your team makes it “easy” to win matches.

As Seer was released in an overpowered state back in Season 10, a set of hard nerfs that followed shortly after left him with one of the lowest pick rates on the entire Apex Legends roster.

Despite this, the Ambush Master has slowly been climbing back up the tier list and in Season 13, a lot of players including aceu actually think he’s a stronger pick than Bloodhound.

With the ability to detect enemies hiding in cover and lockdown entire buildings with his Ultimate, the community is starting to realize that they may have been underrating Seer.

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Well, this has certainly been the case for ImperialHal who has admitted he overlooked Seer and now thinks he’s a “broken” pick in Ranked.

Seer Apex Legends AmbushRespawn Entertainment
Seer was originally released all the way back in Season 10 of Apex Legends.

ImperialHal thinks Seer is “broken” in Ranked

During his June 14 stream, ImperialHal was asked for his opinion on Seer by one of his viewers, as the TSM pro hasn’t been the biggest advocate for the Ambush Master in the past.

However, to the surprise of his audience, Hal revealed that he’d changed his mind and that in the current meta, Seer is a “broken” pick in Ranked that adds an “easy mode” to Apex.

Going as far as to say he’s better than Bloodhound, Hal explained that the Ambush Master can effectively “scout” enemy teams for free, making him perfect for picking off enemy squads out of cover.

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Not only that, it’s difficult for opponents to camp out in buildings and “rat” their way to victory, as Seer can simply track their heartbeat and relay the information to his squad.

So, if you’re looking for a strong Legend in Ranked that seems to be going under the radar at the moment, it may be time to practice Seer.

Unlike Octane, Valkyrie, or Horizon, he has an extremely low pick rate so it’s rare he’ll ever be picked before you can choose him.

Keep in mind, that a lot of Seer’s power comes from his ability to feed his squad information, so make sure you’re communicating with your teammates, especially when you pick up a heartbeat.

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