Aceu changes stance on “pointless” Seer & claims he’s better than Bloodhound in Apex Legends

Seer Apex Legends AceuRespawn Entertainment/Aceu

Popular Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn has changed his stance on the Bloodhound versus Seer debate, claiming the Ambush Artist provides more “value” to a squad.

Over the last few seasons, Recon characters have become extremely valuable when it comes to assembling a meta squad in Apex Legends.

This is because they can interact with beacons to identify the next ring for their squad, and a select few of them are equipped with powerful detection abilities.

Of course, with only a limited number of spaces in a team comp, the choice between Bloodhound and Seer when it comes to scans is an ongoing debate in the community.

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Well, after previously calling out Seer as “pointless”, Apex streamer aceu has changed his mind on the debate and thinks the Ambush Artist is now better than Bloodhound.

Seer Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Season 13 of Apex Legend went live on May 10.

Aceu thinks Seer provides more “value” than Bloodhound

During his June 13 stream, aceu was ranking each of the Legends in a tier list when he surprised his chat by placing Seer above Bloodhound.

According to him, Seer simply provides more team-based “value” than Bloodhound, giving allies better information about the specific location of enemies.

Although the Ambush Artist has a significantly lower pick rate, his ability to lockdown and track an entire squad with his Ultimate makes him a serious threat.

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This ability is especially valuable when an enemy team is camping a building, and with the changes to Ranked causing players to bunker down more for the late game, it’s a perfect meta for Seer.

Despite this, aceu still thinks Bloodhound has a place in a squad, especially for players who prefer to take gunfights and are looking to “kill everybody”.

With the mobility from the Ultimate and lower cooldowns on scans, there’s no denying that for racking up eliminations, Bloodhound will always be the better choice.

However, at the end of the day, it all comes down to playstyle and how you prefer to pick up victories in the Outlands.

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