ImperialHal explains why he’s not quitting Apex Legends despite cutting back

Connor Bennett

TSM star Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has explained why he’ll never actually quit playing Apex Legends despite his recent step back from the battle royale. 

Apex Legends players have had plenty to complain about in the last few months, especially in the pro scene. Servers have been targeted which has hampered games, some bullets have been invisible, and the ever-lasting issues around audio have crept up again.

On April 26, it all became a bit too much for ImperialHal, with the TSM star revealing that he’d be taking a step back from competing as the issues were affecting his performance and mental health. 

It wasn’t an official retirement from Hal, and he’s stuck around games since, regularly hosting watch parties on his stream. And when it comes to actually quitting, he’s unlikely to do it anytime soon. 

ImperialHal explains why he won’t quit Apex Legends

On May 9, the TSM IGL was quizzed by one fan about potentially quitting for good, but he revealed that a heartfelt conversation with his dad has molded his way of thinking about it. 

“I spoke to my Dad the other day and he told me a story when he was a truck driver and was thinking about quitting since he was always alone and it was a hard job,” Hal answered. 

“I’ve realized that both of my parents not only went across the world for themselves but for their family and even with my Father at his lowest he didn’t quit so me and everyone else in my family could experience life correctly. I’ve had thoughts of moving on but if my Father did all that just for me to move on is that really fair? I don’t think I’ll ever quit because my Dad didn’t.” 

That message delighted plenty of fans who praised his “passion” for competition and urged him to come back soon. 

It remains to be seen when he’ll bring himself completely back to the game, but at least he isn’t going away anytime soon.

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