ImperialHal says he’s taking a step back from Apex Legends as frustrations grow

Joe Brady (@joebradyphoto)/ALGS

TSM star Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has revealed that he’ll be taking a bit of a step back from Apex Legends and will be playing “very little” of the battle royale. 

Like a majority of Apex Legends players, ImperialHal has had plenty of issues with the battle royale in the last few weeks and he hasn’t been shy in pointing them out. 

The TSM leader hasn’t been a fan of the recent metas when it comes to legends and using the Charge Rifle, and while he’s been playing a lot of Realm on stream to keep the competitive juices flowing, his TSM squad has been underperforming in ALGS. 

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As a result, Hal has taken the decision to limit the amount of Apex he’s playing moving forward, and he wants to focus on his mental health too. 

ImperialHal says he’s playing “very little” Apex Legends moving forward

“I will be playing very little Apex going forward, I think I’m at an all time low with my mental with having to deal with the state of Apex + performance is not helping either. Hope you guys understand,” Hal tweeted on April 25.

That came shortly after he brought his stream to a close for the night as well, but also after he’d lost it with some of the teams in Realm

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“I’m so done with these mfers,” he said in response to a clip of him yelling at his Realm teammates, in which he criticized their decision-making in-game and why they’d been ignoring him. 

The TSM star was inundated with supportive messages from fellow players and fans, with many saying they’re in a similar boat themselves when it comes to taking a step back. 

“Happens. If you want a variety homie you know where to find me man. Love ya,” responded Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith. “Hopefully Respawn sees this as a wake-up call,” said one. “Very telling about the state of the game,” added another.

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Given Hal hasn’t used retirement in his tweets, don’t count on him being done with the battle royale for good. He’ll likely be back before long and looking to right the ship to get TSM back and firing at the top level.

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