ImperialHal ends stream early after hackers boot him out of Apex Legends

Eleni Thomas
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TSM Apex Legends star Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen was forced to end his Twitch stream early after hackers got a hold of his account and forcibly kicked him out of games by logging onto another computer.

ImperialHal has seen just about every Apex Legends cheat and hack in the book. The TSM star and self-proclaimed CEO of Apex has experienced it all in-game, and now there’s people deliberately targeting him.

Hal was forced to cut his September 11 stream short after hackers kept booting him out of Apex Legends games — by logging into his account on other computers.

The moment was captured during his stream, with Hal shouting “bro someone’s in my account” after a game he was playing randomly ended.

His screen quickly faded to black before an error message appeared on the screen confirming he had been kicked from the game. ImperialHal simply sighs — seemingly out of frustration and annoyance — before muttering “oh my god”.

After this incident, he then chose to end his stream early, logging off for good. He had mentioned reaching out to Respawn and figuring out what was up, or even just changing his account passwords so he doesn’t get kicked out again in the future.

Hal also revealed hackers had also targeted other pro players like FURIA’s Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin.

While developer Respawn is ramping up their efforts this year to crackdown on hackers and cheaters, this kind of stuff can typically only be sorted out through the account side. Whether there’s another fix Respawn could put out though remains to be seen.

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