How to turn off crossplay on Switch for Apex Legends

. 1 year ago
Apex Legends on a Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends is finally on Nintendo Switch, and it comes with the option of crossplay. However, if you’d rather not play against players on other platforms, the setting can be switched off. Here’s how.

After months of waiting, Apex Legends finally launched for Nintendo Switch players on March 9, opening up the battle royale to a whole new player base.

However, the initial impressions have been mixed. Players are, of course, happy to be playing the game on a new platform but the resolution and frame rate leaves them at a disadvantage versus Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players.

With cross-play coming as standard on Switch, you can find yourself behind the eight ball against players on these other platforms, though, that doesn’t need to be the case.

Apex Legends played on Nintendo Switch gameplay
Respawn Entertainment
30 FPS comes as standard on Switch for Apex.

If you want to play solely against other Apex Legends players on Switch, you can do, and you don’t have to jump through too many hurdles to do so either.

You simply need to go into the lobby, open your game settings, scroll down to and disable the cross-play beta setting that should be set to enabled.

Once you’ve done so, you should be taken out of the cross-play pool right away. However, you might have to restart your game for the setting to take full effect.

How to disable Apex Legends cross-play on Switch

  1. Go into Apex Legends
  2. Open the in-game settings (cogwheel in bottom left)
  3. Scroll down to Cross-Platform Play (Beta) and disable it
  4. You’ll no longer search for cross-play lobbies

As noted, coming out of the cross-play lobbies will match you up against Switch players only. While this might put everyone on a level playing field in terms of graphics and performance, you might find that queue times take a little bit longer than previously.

Respawn should continue to optimize the battle royale for every platform, especially as mobile playtests have begun, so cross-play might become a little more viable in the future. Turning it back on, at that point, will be simple too.

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