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How to tell when your Wraith portal will disappear in Apex Legends

Published: 21/Feb/2019 10:39 Updated: 21/Feb/2019 10:46

by Joe O'Brien


A useful Apex Legends trick allows you to track exactly when Wraith’s Dimensional Rift will expire.

Wraith’s ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, allows you to create a portal through which anyone can travel in either direction while it’s up.

While it can be used simply as a means of travelling quicker, more creative Wraith players can use the portal to dip in and out of battle for a tactical advantage. If you’re using the portal strategically, however, the last thing you want is for it to vanish just as you were hoping to use it as an escape route.


Wraith’s Dimensional Rift lasts for 60 seconds once placed. In the heat of battle, however, keeping track of exactly how much time has passed can be difficult, and there’s no direct indicator for when the portal will expire.

EAWraith has been one of the game’s most popular Legends.

If you keep an eye on your ultimate percentage, however, you can judge how close you are to the portal disappearing. Ultimate percentage builds at a consistent rate, and in Wraith’s case that means that the Dimensional Rift will expire once her ultimate charge hits 39%.

If you’re wearing a golden helmet, however, the number is slightly different. Golden items come with a special effect as well as providing their primary bonus, and in the helmet’s case it’s a reduction in cooldown for abilities and ultimates.


This means that your ultimate percentage will increase at a faster rate – roughly 20% quicker, it seems – and so by the time your Dimensional Rift expires, your ultimate percentage will be more like 48%.

Equally, if you happen to use any Ultimate Accelerants while your portal is up, you’ll have to account for the 20% bonus that each applies.