How to spot real Mirage from the decoys in Apex Legends

Jacob Hale
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Mirage has become an incredibly popular and helpful Legend in the Apex Games since his introduction to the title, with the ability to dupe opponents with his holographic tricks.

Mirage has been in the game since day one as an unlockable character, though at first, the bamboozling legend wasn’t quite as useful as he is now.

That said, since his Season 5 rework, Mirage has become arguably a top-tier Legend in the game, and his Ultimate ability – Life of the Party – truly lives up to his Holographic Trickster moniker.

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Respawn Entertainment
Mirage’s Season 5 buff was a welcome change to Apex Legends.

Life of the Party lets Mirage throw out six decoys completely identical to himself that also mimic his movements after granting the user one second of invisibility.

Obviously, it’s great for throwing off enemies – but if it gets used against you, how can you distinguish the real Mirage from his decoys?

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There are several tricks you can use to identify the real Mirage, including this very handy Bloodhound trick that points him out among his decoys, but here are some things you can do if your team doesn’t have a Bloodhound.

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The list, compiled by lionsroar89, says to look out for these hints:

  1. The Mirage is actively trying to escape – This is a fairly obvious one, here. If one of the Mirage clones is trying to escape, they’re probably the real one, as the others traverse around the area with no real end goal.
  2. They are looking right at you – If Mirage uses his Ultimate, and then one of them is looking right at you, you’ve probably found the real one.
  3. Using gas or explosives – If a Mirage is actively trying to avoid things that will cause them damage, it’s likely the real one.
  4. Just shoot them – Perhaps the most obvious of them all, just shooting at the clones until you deal damage to one is a safe bet… but means you’ll be lower on ammunition and much more likely to invite enemy gunfire.
  5. Listen to them – If you’re standing near the real Mirage, you’ll hear them walking around. If you’re next to one, and they’re silent, it’s a decoy.
Respawn Entertainment
Mirage is fast becoming one of the most important Legends in the game.

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So, there you have it. They’re fairly simple tips but will grant you a little extra room to plan your actions next time you face off against a Mirage using his ultimate.

If you’re still not fully clued up on Mirage’s rework, we’ve written up a helpful guide that will let you know exactly what changed with him, and explain why he’s now a top-tier Legend in the game.

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