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How to make Wraith’s portals deadly on Olympus in Apex Legends

Published: 12/Nov/2020 11:41

by Jacob Hale


Wraith is already the most popular character in Apex Legends with a great set of abilities, but on new map Olympus in Season 7, she’s even better, as players can utilize this trick with her portals.

For pretty much the entire lifespan of Apex Legends, Wraith has been the number one pick. While Pathfinder has always been popular, until some big nerfs, Wraith’s selection percentage has been unwavering, with just about every other character playing second fiddle to her.

One of the main appeals of Wraith is her Dimensional Rift ultimate ability, which grants players quicker rotations into the zone, or out of gunfights, while almost completely invisible.


While her ult is great enough as is, one player has shown off how to turn it into a deadly weapon, and it’s especially easy to do on the new Season 7 map, Olympus.

Apex Legends Olympus map season 7
Respawn Entertainment
Olympus is suspended high in the sky above Psamathe.

As you’ll know, Olympus is a city that floats high above the planet of Psamathe, meaning players are suspended miles in the air — which can play perfectly into Wraith’s hand.

There are a lot of areas on Olympus from which players can fall off the map, be it accidentally or as a result of players forcing them into that position.

As Mcmoistvonspiffy shows, though, you can trick players into throwing themselves off the map if you’re playing as Wraith by popping your rift and flying over a barrier next to a drop. If you cut it off at the right spot, you can bait your enemies into following you and subsequently falling to their deaths, with no way to stop themselves.


Obviously, Wraith can see where she’s going when in her portal, so knew to jump the gap once she closed it and keep herself safe, and practicing this is exactly how you can perfect this trick.

On the other hand, as you can’t see where exactly you’re going when in an enemy Wraith’s portal, the enemy won’t know to jump the ledge and, as you can see, sends them flying right off the edge of the map and back into the lobby — perhaps the most annoying way to lose the Apex Games.

With how Olympus is essentially just a gravity-defying island high up in the sky, there are countless spots that a trick like this could be pulled off, but be careful, because the last thing you want is to accidentally send yourself plummeting to your own death.