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Human aimbot shroud shows his Apex Legends movement is just as insane

Published: 14/Feb/2019 14:19 Updated: 14/Feb/2019 21:28

by Joe O'Brien


Popular streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has been dominating Apex Legends, proving once again that his talent is transferrable to any game he touches.

A former professional CS:GO player, since retiring from pro play shroud has made his name as a streamer from his sheer talent in a variety of games. Particularly if it’s a first-person shooter, shroud viewers can reliably expect to be watching one of the best players on Twitch almost the moment he picks up a new game.

As with most of Twitch’s top streamers, shroud has spent the week since the game’s release glued to Apex Legends, and he’s once again been demonstrating that he can turn his hand to anything.


During a recent stream, shroud showed off his skills with an incredible clutch to secure the win. With the game down to the final three squads, shroud found himself the last man standing of his team, battling for survival amid two other groups.

Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends has seen explosive growth, already surpassing 25 million players.

Though it’s his aim that’s particularly legendary, shroud’s talent clearly isn’t limited to clicking heads, and in this instance it was his movement that played a major part in securing victory.

Forced to clutch the game out alone, shroud dodged, ducked, dipped, dived, and dodged his way among the buildings, miraculously staying alive and managing to isolate his enemies, eliminating them one by one with characteristic precision.


The launch of Apex seems to have only boosted shroud’s already huge popularity. His streams on the game have amassed so many viewers that he’s even questioned whether he’s being viewbotted and encouraged his viewers to go and watch other streamers as well.

Since the game’s release, shroud has on multiple occasions had over 100,000 concurrent viewers tune in to watch him pull off plays like this on the hot new title.