HisWattson claims Seer isn’t OP & shouldn’t be nerfed in Apex Legends

Seer HisWattson Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends pro player Jacob ‘HisWattson’ McMillin has claimed Seer isn’t overpowered and shouldn’t be nerfed next patch.

Since his release all the way in Season 10, Seer has been a controversial character on the Apex Legends roster.

This is primarily due to his abundance of scan and wallhack abilities that allow him to see enemies through the terrain.

His x-ray vision during intense gunfights is one of the reasons why he’s been so popular in competitive play and Ranked in Season 15. As a result, the community has been calling for the Ambush Master to be nerfed and a dev has even confirmed that changes are on the horizon for Seer.

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Well, Apex pro HisWattson disagrees that Seer needs to be nerfed and argues he’s slowly falling out of the meta, so any downgrades to his kit will ensure he has a “zero play rate”.

Apex Legends SeerRespawn Entertainment
Seer has a 4.6% pick rate in Season 15.

HisWattson explains why Seer shouldn’t be nerfed

While the majority of the Apex community are desperate for Seer to be nerfed, HisWattson disagrees and argues the Ambush Master doesn’t need to be changed next patch.

According to him, Respawn allowed Seer to “terrorize” Season 14 and should have altered his kit when it was needed. He argues that in Season 15 the community has found counters and “he’s not even meta”, so it’s now a bad time to nerf him.

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Not only that, he claims that downgrading his abilities will result in him going back to a “zero play rate again”.

It’s clear HisWattson no longer believes Seer is a problem and that other Legends should be prioritized over him when it comes to nerfs.

It’s safe to say that the wider Apex community does not agree with this statement, with countless players complaining about Seer for multiple seasons.

However, when it comes to pick rate in Season 15, Seer certainly doesn’t stand out as an immensely popular Legend, sitting at 4.6% overall.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the devs have planned for the upcoming balance patch and whether Seer receives minor or major changes.

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