FaZe Clan announces new Apex Legends pro squad for ALGS Split 2

FaZe Clan Apex Legends squadFaZe Clan

FaZe Clan has announced their new Apex Legends pro squad that they hope will be able to compete for the crown in ALGS Split 2.

With ALGS Split 2 approaching, a lot of Apex Legends pro teams are shifting their rosters and even creating brand-new squads.

One of the anticipated teams is FaZe Clan and the excitement for the organization has only grown since the team announced its new revamped roster on March 9.

FaZe Clan Apex Legends new pro roster revealed

Taking to Twitter with an impressive trailer, FaZe unveiled exactly who would be competing on their Apex Legends pro team in ALGS Split 2.

As expected, Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona is returning from the last split, and joining him are Josue ‘Phony’ Ruiz and Joseph ‘Frexs’ Sanchez.

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With Frexs previously playing for the now-disbanded Spacestation Gaming and Phony formerly competing for Esports Arena, these two experienced players definitely have a lot to offer.

Only time will tell whether FaZe’s new roster will gel together and have the synergy to compete with the best.

Taking on the giants of TSM and NRG will be a tough task, but there’s certainly enough talent on this roster to make a splash in ALGS Split 2.