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Every Evac Ship location in Apex Legends Shadowfall LTM

Published: 17/Oct/2019 15:41 Updated: 17/Oct/2019 15:58

by Matt Porter


Apex Legends’ latest limited-time event is now live, with players able to drop into the Shadowfall mode on the King’s Canyon map. Part of the mode requires escaping on an Evac Ship, so here’s every location at which they can land.

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The Apex Legends Shadowfall event officially kicked off on Tuesday, October 15, with a new game mode plus a ton of new cosmetics available to players throughout the duration of the limited-time mode.

The mysterious ‘Revenant’ character has swept players back to Kings Canyon, with the location plunged into darkness and covered with Shadow Squad members, dead Legends who return to try and wipe out the remaining players who haven’t yet met their demise.


Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends players need to survive the attack of the Shadow Squad.
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When ten players are left, it’s time for them to team up and hold off the Shadow Squad until the Evac Ships land to take them out of danger, but surviving can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where the ships will land.

Thankfully, Reddit user DaFreshestAce has created a map showing the different spots at which the ships will park, giving you an idea of where to be as the games come to a close.

Knowing where these ships will roughly appear at the end could be the difference between victory and defeat, as finding yourself at a location at which there is no ship landing could force you to travel long distances to find one, all while battling off hordes of the undead.


/u/DaFreshestAceA map showing the locations of Evac Ship drops.
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Escaping Kings Canyon is the only way to claim victory in this mode, as the Shadow Squad will do everything in their power to force you to join their ranks, and with this map you should have no excuse for not knowing the Evac Ship locations. Of course, a ship won’t drop at every location in every match, but knowing roughly where they can appear will give you an important tool in your battle. 

The Shadowfall LTM is available now, and if you’re struggling to find victories, you can use our Apex Legends Shadowfall survival guide to give you a leg up on the competition.