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Deadly Apex Legends Thermite combo makes Caustic’s Nox Gas overpowered

Published: 23/Jan/2020 0:59 Updated: 23/Jan/2020 1:03

by Alan Bernal


A deadly combo with Apex Legends’ Caustic perfectly combines the character’s suffocating Nox Gas with the explosive firestorm of Thermite grenades to overwhelm enemy teams.

With almost a year in the books for Respawn’s battle royale, players have been refining their tactics with the game’s diverse roster of Legends – with some people creating a wild plays using everything from Gibraltar to Crypto’s drone.

Even more impressive are the ways these plays can really shake up a battlefield for a team, giving them immense pressure that leads to quick kills and major loot.

Caustic Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Caustic has been a fun character for players to experiment with.

In a Reddit post, user ‘BigPapa-Mullins’ cooked up a storm by perfectly utilizing Caustic’s toxic ability kit. But what really threw off their foes was the timely use of Thermites to turn up the heat in the prison of poisonous plumes.

“Nothing better than being Caustic in a tunnel fight,” they said, showing off a two-minute gameplay clip that plays out like an epic Hollywood scene between two warring factions.

Knowing teams were about to push on them, the player tossed out the disorienting Nox Gas Grenade to give the Toxic Trapper ample room to maneuver in.

Nothing better than being caustic in a tunnel fight from apexlegends

When the foes pushed up, that’s when BigPapa-Mullins set the Mining Pass ablaze with two Thermites to create a hold that prevented the other team from advancing while cutting off their escape.

The trap was set. The tunnels turned into a hellish backdrop and, soon after, the killfeed lit up with Papa Mullin’s name.

After the first fight, another team was already lining up to contest the player and their squad, so Caustic went back to perfect his set up.

Octane trapped by Thermites and Caustic Nox gas in Apex Legends
BigPapa-Mullins via Reddit
The Octane had nowhere to go after activating the hidden Gas Trap and being blocked with a Thermite.

By placing out a Nox trap in the middle of the open, it looked like the enemies were prepared to keep pushing, feeling safe that they knew where the threat was located.

Caustic responded by putting another trap behind an obstruction. When a blinded enemy Octane pushed past the first one, it looked like they were unaware another trap had activated, extending the coverage from the AoE ability.

But Octane couldn’t clear the gas entirely because another thrown Thermite blocked his path.

It’s these kind of synergies that Apex Legends players should take note of in case they find themselves incorporating it into their tactics or simply defending against it.

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Apex Legends reveals huge black hole teaser ahead of Season 7

Published: 25/Oct/2020 17:20

by Connor Bennett


Respawn Entertainment have revealed their newest teaser ahead of Apex Legends Season 7, involving a black hole and a small spaceship.

With Apex Legends Season 7 dropping on November 4, fans of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale have been eager for details about the new Legend, a potential new map, and everything else that a brand new season brings.

The devs have already dropped some hints about potentially adding ‘Olympus’ as a new map, used Horizon as a potential new Legend to give players challenges, and started talking about who will be receiving a buff with the big update.

They’ve also added a big teaser in the form of a familiar-looking ‘UFO’ floating off the coast of both World’s Edge and King’s Canyon. Now, they’ve moved on to a new teaser – a black hole.

horizon in apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Horzion was the latest Legend to be teased in-game.

The black hole doesn’t appear in Kings Canyon or World’s Edge, but instead, is the main image being used to hype up the new Stories from the Outlands video

The video, which is set to go live on Monday, October 26 at 3 pm GMT/11 am EDT/8 am PDT, is titled ‘Promise’ and in the image showing the black hole, a small spacecraft can also be seen in the bottom left-hand corner. 

Some players have quickly suggested that the video is all about Horizon’s official reveal as a new Legend, but it could be showing a flight to Olympus for the new map. We won’t know for sure until the video is premiered. 

Each Tales from the Outlands videos has given us more and more insight into the bigger story surrounding Apex Legends, including things like the backstory of Bloodhound and the death of Forge. 

What this one has in store still remains to be seen, but it’s sure to be packed with teasers for Season 7, and potentially even other future seasons.