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Apex Legends

Clever Loba teleport trick gives access to blocked areas in Apex Legends

Published: 4/Jun/2020 1:25

by Theo Salaun


Apex Legends players are discovering the vast depths of possibilities offered by the game’s latest character, Loba, and her teleportation ability—including one previously inaccessible location.

Respawn Entertainment’s Legends are all human-sized, but Loba’s teleportation ability allows her to teleport through areas that are the size of her bracelet. That opens up a whole world of opportunities and the game’s player base is getting inventive.

Loba’s tactical ability is the “Burglar’s Best Friend,” in which she can throw her “Jump Drive” bracelet and teleport to difficult-to-reach spots. Apparently, this can also be used to reach otherwise-unreachable locations.


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Respawn Entertainment
Loba’s bracelet is small, but its potential is huge.

As shown by ‘URBOYTOM’ on Reddit, the sophisticated thief’s bracelet can be capitalized on in ways that completely confuse other teams. 

In this particular instance, already down one in a fight against the last remaining opposing squad, URBOYTOM was able to hide in a discreet compartment within a building, discouraging their foes until they decided to teleport back out and secure surprise kills.

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Me and my friend used this glitch to win a game (Sorry Respawn) from apexlegends


The enemies were perplexed and URBOYTOM’s team was able to easily pounce on that hesitation. 

To access this specific spot, Loba must angle her bracelet at precisely the right point at the top of the cage. The fit is very tight, just about the size of a bracelet, but it can be pulled off and lead to unlimited sneak potential.


What remains unclear is whether this is an intended function or not. While some Apex Legends fans believe that this is a glitch location, others wonder if Loba is technically intended to have access to areas that the rest of the game’s cast does not.

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Respawn Entertainment
Loba’s entire story is based on sly escapability, making these teleportation options feel feasible.

This particular example is by no means a game-breaking one, as shots can still hit Loba in there and, should she be killed in there, her team should not be able to revive her or recover her banner (although this has not been tested as of yet).

It likely has higher risk than reward, in that case, making it a fully acceptable mechanic—albeit one that is bound to surprise teams should it begin gaining popularity.


Now, all that’s left to find out is what other locations Loba’s bracelet can provide access to. There are limitations to the ability’s efficiency, since your teammates can’t teleport too, but this could foreseeably open up interesting options for formerly unused features of Apex Legends’ maps.