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Strange Apex Legends exploit lets Octane heal on ziplines

Published: 3/Jun/2020 16:09

by Daniel Cleary


An unusual exploit in Apex Legends has been shared which allows Octane players to heal themselves with medkits while ziplining away from danger.

Finding the right time to heal can be a frustrating challenge for even some of the most experienced players in Apex Legends, as many will get caught off guard after choosing to equip their consumables during a fight.

However, a bizarre glitch was found which can now allow Octane players to properly heal on the go, by taking advantage of an exploit with ziplines in-game.

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Respawn Entertainment
A bizarre glitch allows Octane mains to heal themselves on ziplines in Apex Legends.

The Octane exploit, which was shared by DeathJoyArts, seemingly allows players to equip a medkit or any other healing consumable such as a shield battery or cell while riding on a zipline.


The glitch is apparently caused by a unique interaction with Octane’s stim ability and the zipline mechanic allowing players to use their consumables while flying through the air.

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“There you go, that’s how you use the zipline heal” he revealed, highlighting how simple it can be to replicate this bug.

After claiming that it could be done since Season 4, the Apex Legends player called on Respawn to fix the unique exploit with Octane.

“I’ve been able to do this since season 4 and it’s still not fixed,” he added, pleading with them to finally address the issue.


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This bug could be particularly strong for Apex Legends players when paired with a Pathfinder main, allowing for Octane to possibly take more damage than usual while using his teammate’s ziplines at will.

While players are not invincible during the exploit it could still provide them with the extra few seconds they need to escape an intense fight with their enemies.

Respawn have yet to respond to this strange glitch and they have not yet added it to the Apex Legends Trello board, where they track any new bugs and exploits in the battle royale title.