Clever Apex Legends trick makes crafting items safer for Mirage mains

Apex Legends MirageRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have discovered a clever Mirage trick that makes the shifty illusionist safer when using crafting items at the Replicator.

Mirage, just like his name suggests, is known for his slippery antics in Apex Legends. The Holographic Trickster can deploy clones of himself to confuse, bamboozle, and all-around outwit enemies.

Part of what makes this strategy so effective is that the clones can imitate any number of actions of a regular player. This means that hasty enemies can easily lose track of their original target when the abilities are cleverly used, and they don’t get much more clever than this Replicator trick.

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Clever Mirage trick lets players craft items with extra safety

To get started, all it takes is for a Mirage to send their decoy running directly to the Replicator. Once they’re in position, the player can maneuver to the control panel and press whatever key they use to control the decoy’s movement before initiating the crafting process.

Instead of standing still and not being terribly convincing, the clone will mimic the player, making any potential attackers second guess which person to shoot at if they catch someone off guard.

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Players of all skill levels gathered in the comments of the video embedded above to share their surprise at this discovery.

One player noted that he has 21,000 kills as Mirage and had no idea that this was possible and another five-season main backed them up.

“Yeah I would have never even guessed this was possible tbh,” they commented.

This is handy information to know for other players as well because no one wants to end up in another player’s highlight reel for getting faked out by a clone they could have seen coming.

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