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Apex Legends

Clever Apex Legends trick allows you to destroy items

Published: 27/Apr/2020 15:00

by Joe Craven


A genius Apex Legends trick has been shared by YouTuber ‘Eggzplane’, showing players of Respawn’s battle royale how to destroy an item. 

We’ve seen many ticks and glitches in Apex Legends, allowing players to do all kinds of wacky things. While some are pretty pointless, others, like this destroying items trick, may turn out to be really useful for players.

Say you’re already donning gold armor, but come across a purple armor, you may want to move it to a more discreet location in order to prevent an enemy from upgrading theirs. This trick means you can take your tactics one step further, and guarantee no enemies will get their hands on powerful items.


This big-brain trick will stop enemies getting their hands on the best loot.

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The genius trick takes a few steps, but none are particularly complicated. Step one is simply to locate the item they want to destroy, and then equip it. This may mean temporarily dropping your better item, but you’ll be able to come back to it in a matter of seconds.

The second step is then to climb on top of an open door, and drop the item on top. This will bind the item to the door, allowing you to open and close it without displacing the item.

The final step is to open the door and break it, which can be done by meleeing the door once its open. Not only only does this get rid of the door, but deletes the item from the game completely.


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The YouTuber explained that they were messing around with a friend when they realized that items can be destroyed.

There are multiple possible uses for the trick, but none more useful than destroying a valuable item that you don’t want. Failing that, maybe an item just really wound you up and you want to exact your revenge by wiping it from existence.

Given that it looks like a manipulation of a door mechanic, Respawn may confirm it as a glitch in the near future and work to patch it. Until then, destroy all the valuable armor you want. Just make sure there’s no enemies around before you start scaling open doors.