Bloodhound main’s heirloom tattoo gets seal of approval from Apex Legends community

bloodhound heirloom tattooEA, Reddit: Iloveguitar10

The Apex Legends community has shown nothing but support for a Bloodhound main that recently got an heirloom tattoo.

Apex Legends faithful regularly find ways to honor their favorite battle royale, be it through fan art, tattoos, or cosplay.

Last month, for example, a student shared photos of a Shield Cell they created out of ceramics in art class. And new Apex Legends cosplay is always making the rounds online.

Now it’s an Apex-inspired tattoo that’s caught the attention of fans, particularly those who love a certain legendary game hunter.

This Bloodhound heirloom tattoo is the perfect Apex tribute

Reddit user Iloveguitar10 decided to honor their favorite Apex Legends character with a forearm tattoo. The body art depicts Bloodhound’s heirloom, complete with an axe encrusted with raven detailing on the back of the axe head.

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Other Redditors seem impressed, pointing out stunning details like the tattoo’s shading and realistic fine touches.

Naturally, some Reddit users had to throw in a joke here and there, though not at the Bloodhound main’s expense.

Instead, fans noted the tattoo probably cost less money than Apex Legends’ actual Bloodhound heirloom. (Calculations at the time of the item’s in-game release suggested it could cost upwards of $160 to $170 USD.)

Apex Legends remains the go-to battle royale experience for many a player. And the latest update, Season 15: Eclipse, will likely keep users entertained for quite some time.

The Season 15 changes added in the new Broken Moon map, Catalyst as a playable hero, and sticker packs for healing items. Players aren’t too fond of the latter, however.

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