Apex Legends writers working on “the biggest quest” for upcoming season

Apex Legends Season 5 Broken Ghost PVE With LogoRespawn Entertainment / EA

Season 7 of Apex Legends is nearly halfway over, and players are already setting their sights on next season’s content. While its release date has not been confirmed, Respawn is hinting at some of the new story content coming in Season 8.

Apex Legends is in the thick of its seventh season: Ascension. Since its release on November 4, players have been exploring the game’s new content — map, vehicle, and Legend — along with two new Ranked splits.

Season 7 doesn’t end until February 1, but players are already guessing what Respawn will bring to their title in Season 8. And, fortunately, it appears the devs have already dropped a hint of what players can expect in the game’s next content drop.

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On December 20, senior writer Tom Casiello tweeted out some new information on Season 8. The Respawn employee dropped some big news about a new quest coming in the game’s first season of 2021.

Casiello teased fans by saying he’s “spending Xmas break writing the biggest quest since S5’s Broken Ghost.” According to the writer, Season 8’s new quest is “so big, we need every Legend involved again.”

While the tweet does not reveal any story details or plot points for Season 8, it’s a good indication of the scale of PVE content players can expect in the third year of Apex Legends.

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Respawn first incorporated PVE content into Apex Legends during Season 5, with the addition of Loba and her Broken Ghost quest. The quest introduced weekly “Hunt” activities, where players would enter a PVE encounter and complete objectives to advance the story.

Apex Legends Season 5 Broken Ghost QuestRespawn Entertainment / EA
First introduced in Season 5, players could see a return of PVE quest activities in Season 8.

After the Broken Ghost quest, Respawn decided to shy away from more PVE-focused experiences. In the last two seasons, the game’s on-going storyline has been shared with players via in-game comics that are refreshed every week.

Although Apex is primarily a battle royale experience, Respawn has said they are open to experimenting with alternative game modes. The current Winter Express LTM is a perfect example of how the Apex Legends experience can be expanded outside of the BR format.

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Most LTMs in the past have been variations of the Apex BR experience, but Respawn could certainly experiment outside of that in the future. With the apparent return of a seasonal PVE quest activity in Season 8, this shift already appears to be underway.