Apex Legends untrusted system file error: What is it and how to fix it

Calum Patterson
apex legends untrusted system file error fix
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If you are attempting to launch Apex Legends from Steam and being hit with the untrusted system file error, which is caused due to the Easy Anti-cheat system used in Apex. Thankfully, there is a fairly straightforward fix.

Although this specific error has been around in Apex Legends since launch, it has reared its head again a lot more frequently since Apex was released on Steam. But, it can also still affect players on Origin.

What is untrusted system file on Apex Legends?

This error is caused by Easy Anti-cheat flagging certain game files as ‘untrusted’. It is a measure to prevent players with hacks and cheats loading up the game, but it can also sometimes incorrectly flag perfectly normal files.

If you are on Steam, you may be getting an error message like “untrusted system file (D:\Program Files\Steam\steamclient64.dll)

There are a couple of methods to fix this bug, so we’ll start with the simplest first.

How to fix Untrusted System File in Apex Legends

Run EAC as administrator

The first fix to try is the simplest, so best to get this one out of the way first.

  1. Go to Apex Legends in your Steam library
  2. Right click and go to game properties
  3. Select ‘browse’ from local files
  4. Find ‘Easy Anti-Cheat launcher’ in the file list
  5. Right click and select Properties > Compatibility
  6. Select ‘Run this program as administrator’
run as administrator easy anti-cheat
Running Easy Anti-Cheat as administrator may solve your problems.

Fix untrusted System File in command prompt

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, another solution should fix the untrusted system file error when trying to launch Apex Legends.

  1. Search ‘cmd’ in start menu
  2. Right click ‘command prompt’, run as administrator
  3. In the cmd window, type ‘netsh winsock reset’ and hit enter
  4. Then type ‘sfc /scannow’ and hit enter, wait for this to complete
  5. Restart your PC

Reinstall Apex Legends

If these fixes don’t resolve the issue, the next option is to remove Apex from your system, and reinstall it. Obviously, this will take more time, but should hopefully fix any files that were being flagged by Easy Anti-Cheat.

These fixes should work for any game that uses Easy Anti-Cheat too, which may also be causing similar errors with other games.