Apex Legends superfan gets incredible real-life Apex pack cake

Jessica Filby
Apex Legends Pack and the cake based on it

A talented mother has created a real-life Apex Legends Pack for her son’s 15th birthday and Reddit is obsessed with it.

A recent Reddit post has shown off a mother’s fantastic Apex-Legends-inspired cake for her son’s 15th birthday. It’s in the style of Apex’s loot boxes, or Apex Packs, and commenters are obsessed with how good it is.

Her son, the older brother of the birthday boy in question took to Reddit to post the cake on the Apex Legends subreddit and the post quickly spiraled into a variety of people commending the mother for her skills, love, and dedication to her son’s passions.

Apex Packs are essentially loot boxes within Apex Legends and typically reveal random cosmetic items for you to collect and use. It’s a staple in the battle royale and is one of the most recognizable items in the game so it comes as no surprise that the mother would use one as a reference to design a cake.

The detail and skill present within the design is fantastic and really seems like a lot of effort went into making this Apex super-fan happy.

Some took to the comments to commend the mother on her efforts, explaining to the poster that “you can tell a lot of love, care and effort when into it. Cherish her”. It’s clear the mother is fully understanding of her son’s passions and is happy to put a lot of dedication into such a wonderfully designed cake.

Other commenters took to the more jokey side, commenting on the fact that it “looks like he’s getting two blues”, in reference to the rarity of the items he will end up pulling from the loot box.

Ultimately, this Apex superfan was likely extremely pleased with his cake and hopefully got a few gold items along with the blues.