Simple Apex Legends trick lets you loot death boxes while moving

apex legends death boxesRespawn Entertainment

A simple trick in Apex Legends can be a life-saver for controller players trying to swap out armor from death boxes while moving like they couldn’t before.

Moving while looting death boxes has been a gameplay staple for PC players. To the dismay of many console fans, the mechanic might not be coming anytime soon, seeing as it’s actually a bug Respawn Entertainment decided to leave unfixed.

This leaves players on their own to figure out an effective means of performing simple gameplay techniques by other means.

Though it’s highly situational, one player showed how you can get the most mileage out of the looting trick to refresh your armor in a pinch.

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Apex Legends quick armor swap on controller

To quickly swap out armor on controller, Apex Legends players should be on the lookout for death boxes near a zipline.

Since you can’t move while looting anyway, people can quickly rummage through a death box to nab a new shield just before they get out of range.

It’s a quick series of inputs to pull off, but it can be a game-changer if you find yourself in the heat of battle evading enemies with low shields.

“For us controller players, it’s a great ‘move while loot’ solution,” user ‘JustAnotherPita’ said, while theory-crafting how to improve the tech. “I need to try it on the streamer building when someone dies on the first floor in the zip room I think I can take the swap and go up the zip at the same time.”

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apex legends ziplinesRespawn Entertainment
Ziplines in Apex Legends can give controller players a lot of flexibility with death boxes.

Although players hope Respawn embraces looting while moving, this will have to do for players who can’t reap the rewards from the looting while moving bug.

Still, this could be a saving grace for Apex Legends players on controller to stretch the limits of the battle royale’s looting mechanics.