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Apex Legends sniper reticle has major issue when aiming long distance

Published: 15/Feb/2019 10:49 Updated: 15/Feb/2019 11:30

by Paul Cot


Apex Legends has been running smoothly since its release. However, a major issue with the sniper scope has been discovered.

Sniper at Long Distance

A more complicated part of shooting games, and specifically battle royale titles, is adjusting for bullet drop when sniping. Combining the sheer distance of a shot, along with calculating bullet drop, makes hitting a target from long-distance one of the more rewarding aspects of shooting games.

Apex Legends has introduced a unique feature whereby the sniper scope automatically adjusts to take into account the angle of the shot. To clarify, if an enemy is 300 meters away and the same height as you, whereas another was also 300 meters but 200 meters higher than you, the same tick on the sniper scope would result in the kill.


Feedback suggests this has been a welcomed mechanic within Apex Legends. Long-distance sniping is already a complex part of the game, so removing one element of the calculation makes sense, especially for a fast-paced game like Apex Legends.

FOV Issue

One Reddit user, u/Ko-ba, has discovered an issue with the sniper scope marks, however. When sniping at distances of more than 200 meters, the marks aren’t accurate depending on your field of view (FOV).

More specifically, a FOV of 80 seems to match up with the designed sniper markings. It is when this FOV is increased the problem arises. The issue increases as the FOV increases. Simply put, the markings shouldn’t be trusted at long-distances with an increased FOV.


The below video shows the Kraber with a FOV of 80.

via Gfycat

Ko-ba stated the following, “In my tests, I found that, for longer ranges, taking the difference between your field of view and 80, multiplying it by 2 and subtracting that value from the range was generally a good guide. For example, if you’re running 110fov and targeting 400m away, you will want to aim a little above the 350m tick mark.

Unfortunately, in the ultra fast-paced Apex Legends quick maths isn’t an option! The second video, below, shows the Kraber with a FOV of 110.

via Gfycat

Apex Legends Response

Sean Slayback, a Senior Designer for Apex Legends, has confirmed the existence of the issue and that it is being worked on.


While fans may be annoyed that it is more challenging to hit long-range shots with a higher FOV right now, they’ll be pleased to hear that Respawn are aware of the issues and should have a fix for it in the near future.