Apex Legends secret room on Kings Canyon is the ultimate rat spot

Loba outside Market in Apex LegendsRespawn

A secret room rat spot on Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon map is giving Loba mains a sneaky advantage over their foes. 

Kings Canyon may be the oldest map in Apex Legends, but players are still learning about OP rat spots. Well, this particular location can give Loba mains a huge edge over their foes, particularly in the game’s final ring. 

Not only can utilizing this secret room help players hide from enemy players, but it can also lead to some incredibly easy kills. While Respawn often patches the more notorious glitch spots, there are a few that slip through. 

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Well, this secret Kings Canyon room is one of them and it can give Loba mains an upper hand. Here’s how you can utilize this trick yourself and avoid those abusing it. 

Apex Legends secret Kings Canyon room

Loba Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Loba mains can use this secret room to surprise their foes.

Whether you’re looking to sneakily third party your foes or just need a bit of respite to heal, then this Kings Canyon secret room enables you to do both. In fact, Apex Legends YouTuber, Skeptation, recently showcased how players can hide in one of the rooms in Market. 

In order to utilize this spot, simply head over to the room that has “Information” written on it. After climbing up the stairs, you should notice that the door to the room has been covered with metal fencing. 

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While the room may seem inaccessible at a first glance, it can actually be entered by using Loba’s bracelet. If you move round to the side of the fence, you’ll see there is a small gap in the fence. 

Throw Loba’s bracelet through the gap and you’ll be able to teleport into the room. Skeptation notes that players who use this spot will be unkillable as long you sit in the back corner. 

If this location wasn’t powerful enough, Loba mains can also fire out of the metal fence and even eliminate players that walk past. To get out of the secret room, simply throw Loba bracelet back through the gap. 

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Whether Respawn will patch this secret rat spot remains to be seen, but make sure you take extra precautions when fighting in Market.