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Apex Legends hints at new World’s Edge map update: leaks, in-game teasers, dates

Published: 16/Jul/2021 7:25 Updated: 21/Jul/2021 15:57

by Alex Garton


New teasers in Apex Legends have World’s Edge shaking, and it could signal the start of big changes for the map possibly to come in Season 10.

Respawn has been delivering content throughout the summer, mainly through the Genesis Collection Event and the follow-up Thrillseekers Event, and it could lead to a bigger change for the latest map in the game.

As Season 9 winds down, and Season 10 approaches, we’re starting to see evidence of Respawn taking the story of World’s Edge to new heights, spiralling Legends through a new chapter of the battle royale’s narrative.

Apex Legends Worlds Edge update
Respawn Entertainment
The classic Worlds Edge has been brought back for players in Season 9 for a limited time.

World’s Edge memo sparks Season 10 update rumor

On July 6, reliable Apex Legends dataminer Kralrindo posted a set of World’s Edge Season 10 leaks to Twitter. These include a set of memos from ‘Bilal’ (later found out to be the name of one of the developers).


Bilal warns that Harvester activity is being increased on World’s Edge to purge the evidence and that catastrophe is coming. According to him, the planet is cracking apart and there’s serious tectonic activity taking place.

“Serious tectonic activity in TY, they are actually increasing Harvester activity, do they want us to all burn? They’re purging the evidence, catastrophe’s coming.”

This suggests that a destructive event is coming to World’s Edge in Season 10, potentially adding or destroying already existing POIs.

Apex Legends Season 10 World’s Edge update leaks: What we know

We don’t really know exactly what POIs will be adjusted in the World’s Edge update. However, there are a few ideas floating around.


One big change could happen around Harvester, where there is a Bloodhound voice when you walk through the tunnels around it.

“The ground shifts below our feet. I fear we are not prepared for change,” they said.

Respawn has also dropped a few hints relating back to real world events, including an instance of a meteor falling into a volcano in Indonesia.

When will the next Apex Legends World’s Edge update be revealed?

The studio isn’t shy to blow up whole chunks of their map in the name of progress, so make sure to keep an eye out for future teasers that should be on the way soon.

According to KralRindo, we can expect to see the next ‘phase’ of teasers on July 18, which could have another message from Bilal and in-game animation somewhere — or maybe something tied to the new Legend.


No matter what, with the earth quaking across World’s Edge, expect to see some of those big ridges come crumbling down in Season 10, primed for August 3.