Apex Legends: Respawn give update on hitbox problems, crashes and more

A Respawn community manager has just responded on Reddit to some ongoing issues within Apex Legends. The main issues acknowledged in this update were hitboxes and crashes.

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Perhaps the biggest issue with Apex Legends surfaced recently. There has been criticism as to how character hit boxes work. Consequently, a Respawn community manager has addressed this in a Reddit post

Although there has been no update/patch notes for this, Jayfresh_Respawn said: “we will be addressing it in the future.”

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The issue regarding excessively long Skydiving has been fixed.

Skydiving Super Distances

Another key issue which is fixed, rather than just acknowledged, is super skydiving distances. Some players were able to fly further across the map, obviously giving them an unfair advantage. 

The Respawn community manager said: “We’ve applied some fixes” and “We’re continuing to hunt down and address any exploits that pop up”.

Crashing on PC

Respawn have also addressed the issues regarding crashing on PC. They explained how a patch will take time to implement. “We have to account for thousands of different hardware configurations and settings so reproducing many crashes, applying, and testing the fixes will take time.”

You can see a full troubleshooting guide to stop Apex Legends crashing here.

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Patches: Server vs Client

Respawn also went on to let Apex players know the two ways that issues can be fixed. Server patches are done “on the server and don’t require a patch to push to your PC or consoles.” Client patches are, however, different, “these are patches that you’ll need to download and update your game to get.”

What do you think about the issues addressed/patched by Respawn in this latest Apex Legends update? Get in touch with us via twitter @TitanfallBlog to let us know your thoughts.