Apex Legends punch-boosts tricks are getting out of control

Alan Bernal
apex legends punch boost
Respawn Entertainment

The latest movement trick in Apex Legends is already getting out of control, with players combining the ‘punch-boost’ with everything from Gravity Cannons to bizarre water physics.

This has unlocked new ways for players to rapidly rotate across extended chunks of land and even through bodies of water like never before. As more people learn how to punch-boost in Apex Legends, it’s quickly becoming players’ new favorite move.

People going up against someone using the punch-boost to evade a fight, however, might not like the technique seeing how effective it is to bail from a bad situation.

A few examples show how players have adapted the move to get huge amounts of speed in no time at all just a few weeks after discovering it.

Apex Legends punch-boost tricks

People like ‘DRweidoYT’ found that Storm Point’s Gravity Cannons are a perfect way to boost the momentum they give by a lot. By using a cannon, they managed to tap-strafe in a way that redirected their momentum and propelled them down the nearby slope.

If they were getting chased by an enemy squad, then this would have created plenty of distance and misdirection needed to get out unscathed.

Punch-boosting gets even wilder when using the move over a body of water. Generally speaking, running with your weapon holstered is the fastest way to travel by foot but that’s just been upended.

Another user who goes by ‘Regnis2005’ found that simply performing the move over water makes you jet across the arena with surprising speed. While not all maps have Gravity Cannons, they do have bodies of liquid that you could potentially use to recreate this.

Some are hailing Apex Legends’ punch-boost as the next great movement innovation in the battle royale and, so far, people are getting a ton of mileage.