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OG Apex Legends skins returning in 2022 according to leaks

Published: 13/Dec/2021 15:17

by Alex Garton


A reliable Apex Legends leaker has revealed a variety of OG skins that are set to return in 2022 for a limited amount of time.

While Respawn releases unique cosmetics for every event and seasonal update, a lot of them become unavailable after a limited amount of time.

Eventually, a select few of these fan-favorite skins are considered OG or classic, as they’re not easily obtainable anymore making them extremely sought-after.

Sometimes, the devs decide to reintroduce a few of these skins from the past back into the store and give players another chance to get their hands on them.


Well, based on a set of leaks from a reliable dataminer, it looks like a bunch of fan-favorite OG skins are coming back in early 2022.

Apex Legends OG skins
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These OG will only be available for a few days at most.

All leaked OG Apex Legends skins returning in 2022

Thanks to reliable dataminer Garretleaks, we now know which OG skins are returning and which dates they will all become available.

Keep in mind, a lot of these cosmetics will only be in the store for a day or two and some of them will only be available to buy in bundles. You can check out the full list of returning skins below:

  • Memoir Noir (Pathfinder) – December 22
  • Silverback (Caustic) – December 28
  • Nomad Overseer (Crypto) – January 4
  • Wild Speed (Octane) – January 11
  • Void Prowler (Wraith) – January 11
  • Protector of the Void (Wraith) – January 18

Deciding which one of these classic skins to pick up is going to be difficult, so if you want to take a closer look at them, check out Garret’s full video.


Alongside the OG skins, Garret also revealed a brand new skin for Bangalore that seems to be related to her Stories from the Outlands video coming out in early January. So, if you’re a fan of the Professional Solider, it may be worth saving some coins for when that hits the store.

No matter which skins you decide to pick up, make sure you plan ahead of time so you don’t miss the limited window that they’re available for.