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Apex Legends pros & streamers can’t play the game due to constant DDoS attacks

Published: 13/Jan/2022 13:21

by Alex Garton


Apex Legends pros and streamers are once again struggling to play Ranked due to constant DDoS attacks that kick them out of the game.

Apex Legends is a competitive game at its heart and that means players are desperate to win every match they queue up for, especially in Ranked.

While the majority of the community abides by the rules and rely on their own skill to pick up wins, others prefer to use third-party software to gain a massive advantage.

Although this can include aimbots and wallhacks, at the very top of Ranked the preferred method tends to be DDoS attacks that disrupt the entire sever, effectively disconnecting all the players in a match.


Streamers and pros are regularly targeted by these DDoSers and they’re once again calling out Respawn to take action and fix the problem.

Apex Legends DDoS attacks
Respawn Entertainment
DDoS attacks are a common occurrence at the top levels of Ranked in Apex.

Apex pros claim Ranked is unplayable due to DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks at high ranks in Apex have been an issue since the game’s release and although Respawn has threatened legal action against those responsible, the problem persists.

TSM pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen took to Twitter on January 12 to reveal that it was impossible for him to play a match as he was “constantly getting DDoSed”.

This isn’t the first time Hal has called on Respawn to fix the issue and it seems to be getting worse, with him even saying that it’s making it impossible to do his job.


Hal’s former teammate Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith has also been affected by DDoSers, and replied to the tweet saying that the trick is to “play in the mornings”.

According to Albralelie, this is one of the few time periods where he can actually play the game without being interrupted or disconnected.

Only a day after on January 13, Hal tweeted again to say that he’d been “DDoSed every single game today” and that it was forcing him to suicide during matches to avoid losing massive amounts of RP.

He even started spreading the “SaveApexRanked” hashtag again to hopefully raise awareness for the problem, but it’s hard to know whether the devs have a solution.


Practicing at the top levels of play is important for pros looking to sharpen their skills, so when DDoS attacks are preventing them from finishing matches, it’s definitely a major cause for concern.

While Respawn has promised to do more when it comes to removing cheaters and hackers, it’s obvious pros and streamers don’t feel they’re doing enough.

Let’s just hope the devs have a long-term plan to eliminate the issue for good, or the numbers of DDoSers may just continue to expand.