Apex Legends DDoSers are ruining Ranked again in Season 13

Alex Garton
Apex Legends DDoSers

DDoSers have returned to Ranked in Apex Legends Season 13 and are abusing server crashes to dodge RP losses and secure unearned victories.

Apex Legends is a competitive game at its heart and that means players are desperate to win every match they queue up for, especially in Ranked.

While the majority of the community abides by the rules and relies on their own skill to pick up wins, others prefer to use third-party software to gain a massive advantage.

Although this can include aimbots and wallhacks, at the very top of Ranked the preferred method tends to be DDoS attacks that disrupt the entire sever, effectively disconnecting all the players in a match.

Well, the frequency of these deliberate server crashes has increased following the Season 13 update, and players are growing more and more frustrated.

Apex Legends DDoS attacks
DDoS attacks are a common occurrence at the top levels of Ranked in Apex.

DDoSers are crashing servers to prevent RP loss in Ranked

DDoS attacks at high ranks in Apex have been an issue since the game’s release and although Respawn has threatened legal action against those responsible, the problem persists.

The issue seems to be getting even worse now demotion has been added with Saviors, as cheaters are now using server attacks to prevent themselves from losing RP and moving down Ranked tiers.

As showcased on the Apex Legends subreddit, user ApK-TheProdigy and their squad managed to reach the final circle with one other enemy team left.

While they made short work of the opposing competitors, they were hit with a DDoS attack as soon as they saw the victory screen, nullifying their win and stopping the other squad of DDoSers from losing RP.

According to the comments, deliberate crashes like this are occurring frequently, with the cheaters waiting until the end of the game to prevent anyone from progressing their rank: “Saw this same thing happen 5 times in a row to a friend of mine today…They gotta get this s**t fixed ASAP.”

While Respawn has promised to do more when it comes to removing cheaters and hackers, it’s obvious the community doesn’t feel they’re doing enough.

Let’s just hope the devs have a long-term plan to eliminate the issue for good, or the numbers of DDoSers may just continue to expand.

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