Apex Legends pros slam “atrocious” ring bug making it impossible to see

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Multiple Apex Legends pros have run into a frustrating ring bug that makes it impossible to see outside the circle, blurring the screen with blinding brightness.

While the aim of Apex Legends is to stay inside the zones and avoid taking any ring damage throughout a match, that’s not always possible.

Depending on where you drop at the start of a game, the first or second zone can be a huge distance away. As a result, if you’re caught up with looting or get into a drawn-out skirmish with another squad, it’s easy to fall behind the zone and take ring damage.

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While the damage is usually manageable with enough syringes on hand, it’s a frustrating visual bug that’s causing a lot of problems for the community.

None more so than the pros, who have described the blinding brightness issue as “atrocious” and claim it’s impossible to fight outside the ring.

Apex Legends zone bugRespawn Entertainment
A long-standing zone bug blinds players outside the ring, making it impossible to see.

Blinding zone bug is frustrating the pros in Apex Legends

As showcased by Apex YouTuber justapexthings, a blinding zone bug that makes it impossible to see outside the ring is frustrating a lot of pros. ImperialHal, Reps, Velhurst, Snip3down, HisWattson, and Mande have all experienced the brightness issue on stream.

While Hal speculated that the problem may have been a deliberate zone change by Respawn, it’s actually a long-standing glitch that’s been in the game for multiple seasons.

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However, the “atrocious” issue seems to have become more common in Season 14, activating whenever a player is caught out by the zone and stays outside the ring for longer than 30 seconds.

For Snip3down, he revealed that he thought he was “hallucinating” and in Reps’ case, he lost a gunfight because of the overwhelming brightness, complaining that “I can’t see anything, my screen in blurry as f**k”.

It’s clear the ring bug is causing a lot of confusion for pros who don’t understand why it’s suddenly triggering so often.

As this is such an old bug, it’s likely Respawn is aware of the issue but has not found a way to fix it just yet.

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Unfortunately, countless gunfights happen outside the ring and are often the most high-pressure skirmishes, so not being able to see is a major issue.

Let’s hope the devs can identify a solution very soon, or it’s going to continue to cause frustration amongst players and pros alike.