Apex Legends pros call out ALGS for TSM favoritism & not spectating other teams

ALGS / Respawn

A number of Apex Legends pros, including XSET’s Haris ‘hodsic’ Hodzic, have called out the ALGS for TSM favoritism and not spectating other pro players at the ongoing ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in London. 

The ALGS Split 1 Playoff kicked off in London on February 2. The event sees the best Apex Legends teams from around the world compete for their share of the $1 million prize pool. 

Day 1 wrapped with XSET impressing, dropping 16 kills in Round One and 14 kills in Round Two. 

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However, following the conclusion of the day’s play, XSET’s hodsic was less than impressed after discovering the official ALGS stream hadn’t shown any of the team’s kills. Instead, it had focused on TSM – who finished Round One second with 9 kills as a unit.

XSET hodsic hits out at ALGS TSM favoritism 

In a tweet late on February 2, hodsic criticized the ALGS for focusing too much on TSM, especially given how well he and his teammates were playing.

“I genuinely understand that TSM gets a lot of coverage,” he said, “because they hold probably like 90% of the competitive Apex fanbase… but comments like these just make me sad. 16 kills game 1 and people never even saw them.” 

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Attached were comments from viewers who, like hodsic himself, were disappointed at the lack of coverage that was given to XSET and their dominant performance. 

A number of Apex Legends pro dropped into offer their thoughts, with many echoing hodsic’s comments. 

100 Thieves pro Alex ‘scuwry’ Scala said that, at the previous ALGS LAN event, his team were “shifted… to B stage because they wanted TSM on main the whole event”.

Similarly, FURIA’s Nelson ‘Xera’ Medina, said: “now that you mention it, that’s so true LMAO I don’t think I saw your guys’ POV at all that game.”

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TSM’s own Head of Global Social, Dunc, said that he “felt real bad” to see XSET doing so well and not getting corresponding coverage on stream. 

It’s certainly a tough line for the ALGS to toe. If a large portion of the audience is tuning in to see their favorite TSM stars competing, then it makes sense to placate them and focus on TSM’s POV in-game. 

However, it’s also valid to say that in an ALGS tournament based on kills and placement, it’s probably pertinent to give coverage to the teams leading the way and boasting the most exciting gameplay. 

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ALGS Playoff Split 1 will finish on February 5.