Apex Legends pro Albralelie baffled at Caustic’s annoying gas after tournament loss

Alan Bernal
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Team SoloMid’s Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith was completely baffled at Caustic’s Nox Gas after his team was wiped from a GLL Cup Finals match without taking much bullet damage in the fight.

There’s been a ton of discussion around the Toxic Trapper as of late. The Apex community has been airing their problems with the Legend as he is now, in relation to his ability to completely eviscerate teams without firing a shot.

Something similar happened to Albralelie in one of his outings during the GLL Cup, which made for a very tilting situation for a team that liked their chances going into the final circles.

Going into the 6th round, the TSM streamer and his two Team Liquid teammates were holed up in a shed when a Caustic threw their Nox Gas Grenade into the fray. Problem was: TL’s Thomas ‘Flanker’ Cook was also playing Caustic, who was also distributing the toxic fumes.

This created a confusing atmosphere to play in, as Albralelie and co.’s health bars were depleting, with seemingly no way to know where it ended or if the ability was friend or foe.

With nowhere to turn, the pro team was quickly eliminated.

“What is that gas nade, dude?” the 20-year-old TSM streamer said. “I can’t tell what gas is ours or not. I thought that that was their gas in the front [of the building] too, so I don’t know where the grenade started. It’s hitting me throughout the whole building.”

After venting frustrations, Albralelie suggested that Respawn should change the color of friendly/foe Caustic gas to make things much easier to distinguish.

Later on, the TSM player suggested to change Causitc’s gas to the point where it’s “non-lethal, meaning you tick to 1hp then still have all your shields so at minimum they need to do 100 damage with their guns/nades and [Caustic] still powerful offensively and defensively.”

While the devs are exploring all options, including different colored Nox gas, to fix Caustic, Apex Legends players are fuming with how the character is currently built.

Respawn have explained why it’s so hard to balance Caustic, so it’ll be interesting to see how they change the mad scientists in the battle royale.

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