Apex Legends Predator players are using one Legend way more than anyone else

Horizon Predator Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

A specific Apex Legends character is being picked in over a quarter of Predator and Master tier matches, despite having a relatively mediocre pick rate at lower ranks.

Picking a character in Apex Legends to dominate your opponents can be a difficult choice, especially if you want to consistently climb in Ranked.

While opting for your favorite Legend to play is never a bad idea, sometimes looking at what the best players are using can provide the most effective answer.

Well, when it comes to Master and Predator tier matches, one Legend is being picked significantly more than any other.

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Although she doesn’t make an appearance in the top three most popular Legends overall, Horizon is being used in over a quarter of Predator matches.

Horizon Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Horizon is the most popular Legend in Master and Predator.

While Octane, Pathfinder, and Wraith are top of the overall pick rate charts in Apex Legends, the Gravitational Manipulator is by far the most popular option in Master and Predator.

According to the data collected by Apex Legends Status, Horizon has an astounding 25% pick rate among the very best Apex players in the world.

While Pathfinder follows behind her at an impressive 16%, the Forward Scout is nowhere near close to toppling Horizon’s domination over high-ranked play.

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It’s worth noting that as the number of players in Predator and Master is relatively low, so these percentages change constantly, but Horizon has still managed to maintain her place at the top in Season 14.

Horizon Apex Legends pick rateRespawn Entertainment
The Gravitational Manipulator has a 26% pick rate in Master and Predator matches.

So, what makes Horizon so strong, and why are so many highly-skilled players using her? Well, first of all, her kit offers a tremendous amount of vertical mobility which makes it easy to escape lethal encounters and attack enemies from a variety of angles.

Not only that, her kit synergizes extremely well with another meta Legend, Seer. Combining these two characters together can cause havoc for opposing squads and they seem to be making an appearance in a lot of meta-team comps together.

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Finally, despite multiple nerfs, Horizon still has one of the most deadly Ultimates in the game. A well-placed Black Hole followed by some Arc Stars can be enough to end a skirmish on its own, especially when combined with other allied abilities.

So, if you’re looking for top-tier Legend to main, Horizon is a pick that’s being utilized by a lot of Predator players, so following in their footsteps is definitely a great way to see success.